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Home Maintenance Tip:  Check on your rain gutters and downspout extensions 

Rain gutter downspouts should extend out and away from the home by 6 feet. 

By Frank Lundeen - 218 Inspect Home Inspections 

Rain gutters are an often overlooked, yet critical system for your home - preventing water intrusion, mold, rot, and structural damage to your home.  Read on for some simple tips on how rain gutters keep water out of your home...

As it rains or snow melts, water runs down your roofing material (usually asphalt shingles or steel roofing), and then drips off of the drip edge at the bottom.  If left to drip down to the ground next to the foundation, the earth next to your home becomes saturated with water.  

This moisture often slowly seeps through the foundation or basement wall (usually concrete blocks, poured concrete, or a stone foundation).  Moisture seeping through the foundation is often either identified as a water leak during wet times of the year, or minimally as what's known as efflorescence.  Efflorescence is a whitish / powdery deposit found on foundation walls, caused by minerals carried through the foundation wall by moisture.  It is often even found on basement or foundation walls that are otherwise considered "dry basements", and is a definite sign that there are rain gutter or water drainage issues around the home.  

This moisture can also put an incredible amount of pressure on the home's foundation which will eventually create structural issues such as foundation cracks or foundation bulging.  

The way to ensure moisture isn't damaging your home is by keeping the moisture out. 

Once the rain water reaches the ground, hopefully, the earth is graded properly around your home.  At it's most basic, this means that the earth should slope down and away from your home - so that the water flows away from your home.  Lastly, the home should have an appropriate sub-surface drainage system which is outlined nicely in the above illustration. 

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