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Any home can have a Radon Problem.  Radon enters homes through voids in a home's foundation, crawlspace, or plumbing and is pulled into the home by suction created by exhaust fans, chimneys, furnaces, etc.

What Is Radon

Radon is a radioactive, odorless, tastless, invisible, naturally occuring gas that is released from rocks & soil.  It is the #1 cause of Lung Cancer for non-smokers, and smokers who are exposed to Radon have a 10 times greater risk of developing Lung Cancer (than those not exposed to Radon) - in fact, about 21,000 people die each year in the U.S. from Radon related lung cancer.  Radon is the result of a complicated radioactive decay chain of events often starting out as Uranium-238, decaying into Radium-226, which decays into Radon-222.   According to the MN Dept of Health, in the counties 218 Inspect covers, roughly 25% - 42% of homes tested have dangerous levels of Radon present - which should have a Radon Mitigation system installed!   Check out our Home Info Resources page for much more info on Radon, as well as a wealth of other resources for home buyers & owners!  

When Are Radon Tests Recommended:

The MN Department of Health (MDH) recommends that all homes be tested for Radon - and then retested again every 2-5 years.  It is also recommended to test for Radon when ever changes are made to the home such as finishing a basement, adding a vent fan in a kitchen or bathroom, or making home energy improvements (such as installing new windows or insulation).  Additionally, MDH "strongly recommends ALL home buyers have a Radon test done prior to taking occupancy of the home.  

How Do Radon Tests Work:

Most residential radon tests are known as "short term" tests - meaning the test duration is a minimum of 48 hours.  It's critical to test for at least 48 hours as Radon levels can fluctuate based on weather (wind & barometric pressure), as well as conditions inside the home which can pull more or less Radon into the home.  Most people having a Radon test as part of a Real Estate transaction choose to have a licensed Radon Measurement Professional test the home for reliable & non-biased results.  Our radon tests are done using a state of the art "Continuous Radon Monitor", which shows radon levels hourly during the 48 hour test period.  Additionally, less sophisticated but reliable test devices can be purchased affordably and done "DIY" style.  

Test Results:

When you book a Radon test with 218 Inspect, our certified & licensed Radon Measurement Partner, (Advanced Radon Solutions) will conduct your test & provide your results via email shortly after the test period ends.  Test results show hourly radon levels during the test period, and an average result.  The unit of measure for Radon is "picocuries per liter", otherwise known as pCi/L.  Following are recomended actions based on radon test results:

PRICING FOR RADON TESTING WITH HIGH TECH REPORT (provided by Advanced Radon Solutions):  $250

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