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Sewer scoping allows us to view the inside of the sewer lateral line connecting your home to the city sewer or your septic system.  We can identify a range of issues that are very costly to repair, which you'll want to know about prior to purchasing a home!

Sewer Scope Inspection - (Book your Sewer Scope Inspection HERE):

As a Duluth, MN based InterNACHI Certified Sewer Scoping Inspectors, we see things that other inspectors don't!  Our cutting edge HD video sewer scoping camera (with 165' cable) - allows us to view, record HD video of the process, and capture images of points in underground sewer lateral lines (the sewer line connecting your house to the city sewer or septic system) in stunning quality. 

The underground sewer lateral line, which connects the home to the city sewer at the street (otherwise known as the "main sewer line"), is the financial responsibility of the home owner.  Many of the sewer lateral lines in the Duluth area, particularly in old neighborhoods, are original clay or cast iron lines - which have often already exceeded their expected lifespan.  When a sewer lateral line requires repair or replacement, it is often a very costly project - typically costing $5,000 - $20,000 for repair or replacement.  For this reason, we suggest everyone purchasing a home have a sewer scope inspection done and getting "main sewer line" coverage on your homeowner's policy.  

Similar to how a home inspection often find deferred maintenance or issues the previous owner may not have been aware of - Sewer Scope Inspections often find a variety of issues (see the illustration below for a graphic representation).  While sometimes we find major issues, othertimes we find that the Sewer Lateral Line simply needs a good cleaning to help ensure reliable service.  After evaluating 

When doing a sewer scope inspection, we provide you a HD quality video of our camera's entire journey (provided as a web link, using our interactive inspection software) from the basement sewer cleanout or from the plumbing roof stack vent all the way to the city sewer line (or septic system).  We follow InterNACHI's Sewer Scoping SOP - to ensure clients the best possible service!

We often find various issues with sewer lateral lines in both old & new homes - all of which are good to know about, & some of which require professional repair.  If left unaddressed, these issues could lead to a sewage backup in your home.  In addition to identifying what material the sewer line is made of & the distance from the cleanout to the city tap, few of these common issues include:

We strongly recommend all home inspection clients have their sewer line scoped at the time of the inspection - to avoid a costly surprise in the future!


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